High Ropes and Climbing Tower


Our High Ropes activities include the Jacobs Ladder, Leap of Faith, Crate Stack, High all aboard and the Traverse Beam.Our Climbing Tower includes three climbs of varying difficulty to a height of 25 feet and an abseil wall. The ropes course is a real team builder as the entire team have to depend on each team member to complete the task.

Jacobs Ladder: 

This task involves a team of eight participants working together to get four participants to the top of the ladder, only problem is as you go up the ladder the rungs are further apart and therefore a big team effort is required to pull and shove and encourage all four members to the top.  The remaining four participants are on the ground belaying the climbers. Once climbers have reached the top, the climbers and belayers change places.

Crate Stack: 

The team must build a tower of crates. Four participants will be building and climbing at the same time.  When the first storey of the tower is built the team stand up on the crates, they are handed more crates from other team members and they must continue building until they get as high as they can.

High All Aboard: 

 Four Participants individually climb up a 20ft pole to a small platform 20 inches by 20 inches.  The group must then hold hands and lean back to balance the whole team.

Leap of Faith: 

Participants individually climb to the top of a 20Ft pole, balance on the small platform on top of the pole, take a deep breath and jump off the platform and catch a circus trapeze.