Transition Year Programme

Transition Year Programme

The following programme is specifically tailored to facilitate an activity-based module

for transition year students and their teachers. At B.O.E.T.C. we have selected our

courses to enable T.Y.P. students to develop new skills both personal and technical in

an outdoor setting.

Throughout the experience the staff at the centre will place equal emphasis on

teamwork and on each student identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. By

encouraging each participant to overcome challenges the Discovery Programme can

reveal hidden talents hitherto unsuspected.


On completion of our one and two-day residential programmes we provide all students with

an opportunity to evaluate their experience. A short workbook is available to teachers

who wish to encourage students to elaborate on the experience gained.

The following are sample programmes which have been successful to date. We will

however gladly work with the co-ordinators to design a package more suitable to your


ONE-DAY DISCOVERY (Non-Residential)

9am   Arrival

         Activities  Canoeing Orienteering 1pm Lunch

         Activities  Abseiling/ Rock climbing

ONE-DAY DISCOVERY (Non-Residential)

9.30am Arrival

 Activities Kayaking


1pm Lunch

 Activities Abseiling/ Rock climbing


4.30pm Depart


6pm Arrival

7pm Initiative Exercises

Day 1

9am Breakfast

 Activity High Ropes

1pm Lunch

 Activity Orienteering

5pm Dinner

 Activity Archery / Team Games

Day 2

9am Breakfast

 Activity Canoeing

1pm Lunch

 Activity Hill Walk

4.30pm Depart