Baltinglass OETC partners with Lighting Detection Network

Baltinglass OETC partners with Lighting Detection Network

Baltinglass OETC recently teamed up with German Company Lighting Detection Network,

LINET has developed a form of technology known as nowcast which allows for the precise detection of lightning strokes. The system stems from the long-standing research work carried out by Prof. Hans-Dieter Betz at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

The core competence of nowcast

The central spheres of activity of nowcast GmbH comprise research and development in the field of lightning-detection, as well as the operation and sale of the lightning-detection system LINET and the meteorological uses derived from it and storm data.

The system is currently used by European Metrological Services, the Aviation Industry, Insurance Companies and the Scientific Community in Europe.

Our partnership involved the installation of a lighting detector on our main building which provides Realtime lighting detection, the system provides alerts to incoming lighting storms helping to keep our students & staff safe as they work in the outdoors.

To view Realtime lighting strikes worldwide please use the link below

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